[ le·ga·shEr ]    to act as a bridge; to connect.

The bridge between the words we speak and the code we write.


Innovation, creativity, and collaboration should never be lost in translation, that’s why we created Legesher!

If you can’t fly yet, then you should “run” with our developer tools, as they take the alternate way around the spoken language barrier in developing code.


Let's face it - learning code is just as difficult as learning a new language.

We're continually adding multilingual tutorials to our repository that includes introductions to programming, #OpenSource how-to’s and the Legesher fundamentals!


Legesher is an open source project, meaning you have the opportunity to influence the future of development with our tools. If you speak another language or develop in one, we could really use your contribution!

Honestly, if you’re here and still reading, (even if you know zilch about tech) we’d love you to be a part of our mission!


We're always wanting to add new spoken and programming languages to our repository. Please lege-share our mission.

From beginners learning how to code to collaborating with diverse teams around the world, Legesher connects us all.